Jessa Rhodes and Reya Sunshine as sex dolls!

SE is a Chinese brand. They sell lifelike sex dolls since some time. Every love doll they offer is beautiful, but they just did something amazing and created Jessa Rhodes and Reya Shunshine dolls! They are both successful porn actresses.

Jessa Rhodes

She’s an American (with Norwegian heritage) porn actress. She was born in 1993 which makes her 26 years old.

This is Jessa Rhodes:

And this is how she looks as a love doll!

Reya Sunshine

She’s a 28 year old porn star that lives in Florida, USA.

This is her photo:

And this is the sex doll version:

Do you like these dolls? Are they similar to these lovely ladies and… Would you like to get one of them? 🙂

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