These lovely new sex dolls are available at our site now! If you are someone that is looking for a small sex doll then this brand has something that you are looking for! A realistic sexy doll that is 80-110 cm tall and isn’t heavy.

110 cm doll

This model will soon be added to our website. It’s a very cute adult toy doll.

A real life anime beauty!

95 cm doll

Another model that will soon be on our website. This love doll looks like a hentai character!

So sexy!

90 cm doll

There are few types of 90 cm lifelike sex dolls made by this company. Check them out!

Maybe a sexy vampire?

She won’t bite… Unless you ask for it.

What about a sexy doll with a bit smaller boobs?

She’s shy, but horny.

Why would you settle for a regular blow up doll if you can have this for a marvelous price?

She’s the girl of your fantasy?

She’s so shy, but she is a horny sex doll!

She’s looking for a master… Maybe it’s you?

Get some real love doll sex with one of these hotties!

Do it like you want it.
They are flexible!
Just waiting for your load…

80 cm doll

Every man wants a super realistic sex doll, but not everyone wants to carry too much weight. Mini dolls are the perfect solution for millions of men around the world!

Why not a sexy elf?

So sweet!
That booty!
She’s super ready for you.

Anyone that needs an affordable, light and sexy hentai chick should seriously look into these high quality sex dolls!

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