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New vampire head from YL

YL did it again! They love to do fantasy sex dolls for men and women! This time it’s a new head named Esme. She’s a vampire with sexy fangs. Anyone that wants a special sex toy doll has a bigger choice now. On photos below we show her on one of the best sex dolls
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New incredible sex doll made by HR.

HR has a new product for anyone that loves fantasy sex dolls. Her body is unusual in a good way… This sex doll is 165 cm tall and she’s voluptuous. Her details:Breast:95cm/37.4“Waist:60cm/23.6”Hip:112cm/44″Shoulder:40cm/15.7″Leg length:79cm/31.1″Arm length:60cm/23.6″Foot length:23cm/9″Thigh circumference:62cm/24.4″Inner arm circumference:28cm/11″Neck:27cm/10.6″Openings:Vagina Depth: 17cm /6.7″Anal Depth: 15cm /5.9″Oral Depth: 15cm 5.9″ Her boobies are unique. We bet that a lot of people
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Woman becomes a friend with a sex doll.

Imagine that you are in quarantine because you have covid19. You are constantly home alone and nobody can visit you. This happened to Helen Rimell, a british woman aged 39. One day Helen walked through Thames Pathway and she spotted a blow up doll and that started working on her imagination. She says, “I spotted
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A male sex doll can be hot too!

A few years ago it was hard to find an attractive male doll. Today this has changed and we can offer many of them! TPE Male Dolls: A beautiful torso sex doll. You can have fun with this handsome hunk and he is very affordable! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time
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Scared of coronavirus? You don’t have to worry when you order a sex doll from China.

Many people are horrified by the coronavirus outbreak. People are scared to the point that they are afraid to order products from China and that includes adult love dolls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it’s almost certain that there is no possibility that the coronavirus could infect anyone through a package
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JY sex dolls make your dreams come true!

JY is an experiences sex doll manufacturer. This brand has a lot of models to choose from. If you’re looking for cheap sex dolls then it’s the right address! Their lifelike sex dolls are very affordable! So what is so special about JY dolls? We have already mentioned amazing prices, but there is way more
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Valentines Day with a sex doll? Why not!

Did you know that during Valentines day single people are more depressed than ever? It might sound silly because in the end it’s a day like any other, but we  are very sentimental beings and when we see others celebrating we want the same for ourselves. It’s not something bad, but something very natural. Let’s
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2019’s Best Sex Dolls

By “Best Sex Dolls” we meant that were the most popular ones! There are many great brands out there and each has their best-selling adult sex dolls! Let’s start with… -WM DOLL: WM166 cm An absolute hit! This super realistic sex doll is selling like hot bread. She has a slim figure, perfect breast size
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A sex doll can help you cope during a lonely Christmas eve.

A sex doll can help you cope during a lonely Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is a day that we usually spend with family or friends. It’s supposed to be a happy time that we share with loved ones… Sometimes it’s not the case. It might happen that you will find yourself in a situation that
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A small sex doll. Top 5 most amazing love dolls that are just 100 cm tall.

Do you want to own a sexy, curvy love doll, but they are all too heavy? Take a look at these scaled down beautiful women! 1 Elsababe doll. Elsababe are still new on the market and probably most of you didn’t even see their dolls before, but for us she is the best looking of
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