A male sex doll can be hot too!

A few years ago it was hard to find an attractive male doll. Today this has changed and we can offer many of them!

TPE Male Dolls:

A beautiful torso sex doll. You can have fun with this handsome hunk and he is very affordable! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time for your love doll he is the perfect sex doll for you! He looks like he just can’t wait for you to sit on him…

If a torso is not enough for you and you realize that a full size sex doll is what you’re looking for, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money we have a couple of very affordable options!

Jy doll has a super realistic sex doll with very beautiful features. He is a soft boi and would be a perfect love doll for anyone that likes anime. His body is slim.

You are into more manly dolls? We have another inexpensive doll to show you. This sexy guy is more manly…

Still not manly enough? Take a look at the next option we show you. He is a real man and a very handsome one!

Another sex doll we want to show you is amazing. One of the latest dolls on the market. He is designed by a french company. His penis is fixed to his body which makes him one of the best sex dolls yet still very affordable!

Another very well priced and sexy doll was created by AF. He looks like a super star from the 80’s. He has that George Michael vibe…

The next love doll is at a medium price and totally worth it’s cost. Realistic, sexy and what else can you ask for? He is produced by HR.

You would prefer a sexy black man? HR thought about you! Take a look at this hot sex doll! He looks almost real…

You are more into latinos or middle eastern guys? There is a male sex doll for you as well! Johan and his big junk are waiting for you!

Another pretty boy that can be your new adult sexy doll. Can you imagine spending your time with him?

Another love doll equally good as the one above is Baker. More manly with a muscular body and big… Assets. It’s one of the older models, but he is still attractive.

Another realistic sex doll that’s made with TPE is the handsome guy from the photo below. He is absolutely irresistable.

Silicone Sex Dolls:

You want the best sex dolls from the market? Choose a silicone sex doll! Sino is not producing sexy male dolls and we are amazed by them!

A handsome Caucasian face combined with a hot body .
A very beautiful Asian man.

If any of the models we wrote about seems interesting to you be sure to contact us : [email protected]

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