Can a doll replace your deceased spouse?

Of course nobody can really replace the person you loved and lost, but can something or someone make you feel better while you’re grieving? Many people believe that sex dolls are the anwser!

A couple of our clients asked us to create a replica of their deaceased wife. We honestly said that we can’t create a 100% identical copy, but they were happy with a doll that was just very similar to their lost love.

We really do not recommend to order a replica of your dead wife from a company that claims that they can do it. Unless it’s a very expensive doll from a very reliable company that is using special technology you will never be able to achieve a real copy. You’ll end up disappointed and heartbroken. Expect a similar doll, but not a copy.

More widowers asked us for a doll that was different from their dead wife. Steven aged 38 from Atlanta ( name changed for privacy reasons ) told us that he doesn’t want a copy as it would drive him insane… He didn’t want to feel alone and needed a distraction, but he was absolutely not ready for a new relationship with a living woman. Steven said the doll helped him immensely – ” I have children and a brother that sometimes visits, but they have their own lives and sometimes I really didn’t want to see them and talk to them and with my doll stuff is just way easier. She doesn’t expect me to talk when I’m down, she never questions me. I enjoy hugs and ocassional sex and yes… I do talk to her quite a lot and it’s good to talk about your problems without any fear that you’ll might get a mean response.”

Dolls can bring healing as interacting with them is easier. A real human has moods, needs, demands while a doll will be silent and calm a person with her presence.

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