New body and heads from YLDOLL!

YL made a new 153 cm body and 2 new heads for all of you to enjoy. The new sex doll is a voluptuous model with big boobs and ass. From all the sex dolls for sale that are currently on the market she is one of the best! Just look at the photos below and you’ll see why in our eyes she is such a sexy doll!

Here with a wm head. Isn’t this body just perfect?!
Long legs and a magnificent behind!
Can you believe your own eyes?! Just wow…
The Imani head from YL doll looks great on the 153 cm YL sex doll!
She could dance in Rio de Janeiro πŸ˜‰

The 153 cm love doll isn’t the only new arrival at YLdolls! Take a look at Giuliana, the new head! She is a sweet girl. This head will look perfect on all adult dolls!

The pretty Giuliana head on the 153 cm model from YL
Giuliana looking sweetly at you.
Could you say no to this face?

Cute Giuliana is not the only new head YL recently presented to us. There is also Dafna! A completely different kind of beauty.

Dafna was named after a Jewish beauty.
The head is really attractive both from the front and from the side.
Dafna rocking that booty!
She’s so inviting…
Dafna looks great also in blonde!

We are curious how do you like the new female sex doll and the two new heads from YL.

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