A disabled sex doll lover.

Some time ago we had the pleasure to sell a beautiful sex doll to a client in Italy. It was a loving sister of a disabled boy called Simone. She bought the doll especially for him. Sounds weird? It shouldn’t! Why? Just read and judge for yourself after you read the whole thing…

Elisa is 38 and takes care of her brother Simone that just turned 23. Their parents are both dead. Elisa is a married mother of two and still manages to take care of her brother who has autism. Elisa contacted us when she was depressed and during our chat she told us all about her struggles. ” Simone looks at me and other girls in a way I can’t describe. I know my brother loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me, but since he turned 18 he is struggling with his sexuality. He wants to have a girlfriend and since he has autism it’s almost impossible for him to build a relationship. I am seriously scared that one day he might hurt me or my daughter. It breaks my heart”. When Elisa asked us if we think Simone should have a sex doll we felt a bit strange. We didn’t want to decide for Elisa as we had no idea how men with autism feel about sex dolls and if it helps. We adviced Simone’s sister which doll has the best quality and left the decision to her. She contacted us the next day and asked how to pay for the doll… After 3 weeks the doll arrived to Italy and Elisa has shown her brother Simone the love doll she got for him. Simone was shocked and happy. Elisa said he turned all red and laughed. “His eyes were so happy, I could really tell. He hugged her and touched her face for some time. I told him she belongs to him and that each time he feels lonely he can turn to her. After few days I have noticed that Simone is calmer, happier and doesn’t look at my breast or hips like before. I was scared that he might not know how to deal with a heavy love doll, but it appears that he is smarter and stronger than I’ve thought and the rest just comes naturally… I already promised myself that if this doll will damage with time I’ll just get him a new one. I will never believe when somebody tells me that a disabled person can’t be sexually satisfied. My brother is a man and his disability shouldn’t stop him from getting what all of us want. He is a human! ”

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