Woman becomes a friend with a sex doll.

Imagine that you are in quarantine because you have covid19. You are constantly home alone and nobody can visit you. This happened to Helen Rimell, a british woman aged 39.

Helen is a 39 year old British woman.

One day Helen walked through Thames Pathway and she spotted a blow up doll and that started working on her imagination.

She says, “I spotted a sex doll and for some reason she captured my imagination. I christened her Gladys and imagined she’d had an owner called Bob who’d dumped her. I went back the next night and she was still there.

“I felt rather sorry for her – but it also triggered an idea. I could have a blow up doll to keep me company – I realise it sounds bonkers but I thought it would be fun!

“I’d been worried about being on my own and lonely as I’m so used to being out and about with my mates. I didn’t have anyone else to spend time with during lockdown. I’m in the very early stages of a relationship so it was too soon to move in together.

“But getting a blow-up doll seemed like the perfect idea. At least I didn’t have to worry about us arguing!”

If you wonder if Helen took Gladys home… Well it seems that she didn’t. Instead she went home and ordered a similar blow up doll on-line and gave her the same name to honor the original Gladys. It’s quite understandable that Helen didn’t want to take a used blow up doll that has been dumped by someone for God knows how long.

Two days after Helen has ordered the doll she arrived.

“I couldn’t believe how excited I was when she arrived two days later. I blew her up immediately and named her Gladys in honour of the abandoned doll!” said Helen.

Helen and Gladys are friends ever since.

Helen says, “She’s the ideal companion – she never complains and we’ve done so much together already.

“On the first evening that she arrived we got dressed up and had cocktails together. She’s a bit smaller than me but I put her in my shortest outfits. I always iron both of our clothes so we look smart and it’s fun making sure we have co-coordinating outfits.”

Shortly after Gladys has entered her life, Helen heard that she has the corona virus. She suspected it and the horrible suspicion came out to be her reality.

She says, “I started having symptoms such as tiredness and a cough. Rather than worry though, I was relieved that I had Gladys to keep me company. I decided she could be my nurse, so I put her in a white dress, the closest thing I have to a nurse’s uniform, and set her up with a flannel to mop my fevered brow. It cheered me up having “someone” else there.”

For some days Helen had to stay in bed so the company of her doll really has helped. Once the young woman started feeling better she and Gladys started having more fun together.

Helen said “To start with, we stayed close to home, sipping drinks on the balcony and admiring the sunset and the river view from my flat. But when I felt better, I decided it was time for her to go out and about. We share clothes, she looks great in my dresses, and she’s come to the post office with me to send friends presents. She’s also joined me on trips to the supermarket, and we get a few looks, but a lot of people have smiled and have started a conversation!

“When I went out without her before people would just ignore me. Now she sparks conversations wherever I go. People love that she’s keeping me company – though obviously they just admire her from a two-metre distance!”

The girls cook together, they watch movies… And guess what? Gladys never complains when Helen chooses a movie! 😉

It’s cooking time for these two! 🙂

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