A small sex doll. Top 5 most amazing love dolls that are just 100 cm tall.

Do you want to own a sexy, curvy love doll, but they are all too heavy? Take a look at these scaled down beautiful women!

1 Elsababe doll.

Elsababe are still new on the market and probably most of you didn’t even see their dolls before, but for us she is the best looking of them all! EB’s 100 cm love doll is a super sexy doll! She is the only silicone sex doll on this list. She might be a small sex doll, but she is a great looking adult woman that happens to be scaled down. Can’t carry a lot, but you need a sex machine like her in your life? She’s the perfect sex doll for you! Are you a fan of anime or hentai? I think it makes her an even more perfect sex doll then!

In all of her glory…
From the back 🙂
Very good quality and beautiful details.
The love hole.

2 Wmdoll

Who could forget the classic love doll from WM? She’s still looking hot with her big boobies! She has many fans all around the world. Do you think you could also become one?

Beautiful shape of the classic wm doll.
She can fit in many places easily 😉

3 Piperdoll

Now this one is a real looker! A love doll that is so sexy you might just fall in love. Piperdolls great quality together with those sick curves makes this sexi doll very popular. So if you like big boobs, but you can’t carry big weight then here is the sex doll for you!

Great boobs!
Little size, but a whole lot of curves.
Great for many positions.

4 Irontech Doll

For any fan of massive tits! A sex doll that will make your fantasies come true, but won’t hurt your back in the process!

She’s beautiful!
Will this chair resist the weight of her tits? 😉
Would you help her to put the panties back on?

5 Climax Doll

Last, but not the least… We have a climax doll with massive boobs! Big tits fetish is a thing and we really sympathize. A full size sex doll can be too heavy for some, but this doll is for anyone!

Probably the biggest boobs on a 100 cm doll!
Can you handle these melons?! I bet you can!
She’s waiting for you… 🙂

Which is the small sex doll of your dreams? Is she on this list? If you have any questions just drop us a line! [email protected]

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