A visit at Sino Doll factory.

A lot of you are probably very intrigued by these lifelike sex dolls. We decided to visit their factory and they were kind enough to host us there.

Sino so have their own production plant in Shunde, Guangdong, China. They have over 9 years of experience in creating real looking sex dolls. Most of their adult dolls are being sold to Europe, Asia and America.

Sino are using the best material which is platinum silicone. At their factory we had a chance to see how their full size sex doll is being “born”.

We could notice that Sino cares for doll details very much. Their dolls are a piece of art and each doll is made with a lot of dedication, without rush. Every super realistic sex doll made by this company will satisfy even the most demanding client. They are implanting hair and the dolls vaginal area, her anus and even skin texture were copied from a real living female! We were very impressed by their high end sex dolls. To add to all the advantages they also do professional, permanent make up which won’t fade away easily.

Sino has their own warehouse where all the packages wait for shipping and their packaging is also very professional. Special foam protects the love doll on her journey to your door.

The best part of the visit was the fact that we could see many high quality sex dolls in one room and we just couldn’t keep our eyes away from them! We have decided that sharing these images with you guys will be a good idea. Take a look at these top sex dolls!

I think it’s also important to add that Sino is not creating only quality sex dolls, but also have many other sex toys for sale.

If you are interested in these amazing female love dolls and/or their other sex toys, be sure to contact as at beautiful dolls. We will be more than happy to help you with your purchase.

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