An interview with our client.

Tarek lived in Bahrain his entire life until he moved out an European country. We can’t ship dolls to muslim countries and he always dreamt of a sex doll so once he found himself in a non muslim country he bought a doll from us and today he wants to tell his story to all of you.

BD: Why did you decide to buy a love doll?

Tarek: First of all, I lived in a very conservative country. The attitude towards sex and sexuality is considered taboo and reserved in bedrooms of married couples. The requirement for marriage itself is pretty high specially for young men in my country. You have to be financially stable, own an apartment and be able to support your spouse. Simply the cost of having your “first time” is quite an investment. So back when I was living there, I always tried to look for other options. Unfortunately, my social skills with women weren’t good enough and it was hard to even get to that level within my culture. So, I stumbled upon sex dolls when I was browsing online for sex toys. The idea of owning a sex doll was fascinating me and it got stuck to my head. When I moved to EU, I finally got the chance to taste my freedom. I checked the sex dolls again and made a decision to buy one. Frankly it was the best thing I bought. Back then I had the cultural barrier to overcome and I was still anxious around women. Having a way to satisfy my needs made me more comfortable with myself and my sexuality. I didn’t have the need to find a girl-friend right away, I simply decided to take my time and enjoy myself. As for the doll itself you have the sexual freedom to exercise your fantasies and you get to choose a doll with physical attributes that you like, no compromises. So I was pretty much satisfied.

BD: Did you find what you’re looking for in a doll?

Tarek: Basically, I was always attracted to large breasts sizes with a light color complexion and big pale nipples. When I say large size, I mean LARGE. It is very hard if impossible to find a woman in real life to suit those fantasies of mine. The matter is plainly physical. I guess I found what I was looking for in a doll. And to think I could have another one from my imagination on demand is just ridiculously amazing.

BD: Would you like to tell people which model did you choose?

Tarek: Yes! It was YL158.

BD: Did you tell anyone about your love doll?

Tarek: I told my closest male friends, who were open minded about those type of topics. One of which is evaluating the idea of getting one. But its not something that I declare to people. I always believe that what you do in bedroom should stay in bedroom, and that’s none business of others ass well.

BD: Did purchasing the doll change anything in your life?

Tarek: It definitely did. When I’m sexually satisfied I can focus on my goals and ambitions. For some reason I’m less anxious around women. I don’t feel the sexual tension or pressure to find a partner. As I mentioned I could take my time in doing so, and choosing responsibly.

BD: 6. What would you say to a man that is torn if he should or shouldn’t buy a doll for himself?

Tarek: I believe that everybody is different and everybody comes from a different environment and has different experiences, so its for them to decide. What I could say is, if you feel the attraction and you aren’t satisfied with your sex life, then why not? It truly changed mine. I know deep down everybody has their own fantasy, just like me, that they want to fulfil and sometimes its just hard to do it. It’s the best option to get a doll and make it come true. Personally, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the “real thing”. I’m sure others would agree with me too.

BD: Would you like to get a second doll in the future?

Tarek: Do I get a discount? Jokes aside. I’m considering it for sure.

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