Exciting news from YL doll!

YL doll is one of these companies that never stops to surprise us with very original heads and bodies. First of all we want to introduce Regina- the new sexy head.

She can look inside your soul with these gorgeous eyes. You can be sure that you will never find a girl like her anywhere in the real world!
Does this look intimidate you? Don’t worry, she doesn’t buy… She will be yours if you only want.

Imagine having a realistic sexy doll with a hot face like that. She looks so misterious and beautifully. Eyes that will pierce through your soul, a beautiful nose and full, alluring lips. She is one of the most beautiful faces we saw this year.

Another great info from YL is that their 160 cm sex doll can come with… Penetrable boobs! How awesome is that? YL are really producing top sex toys that are very original.

Bang her in all of her 5 love holes!
3 love holes?That’s so 2018…! I have 5! 😉
A lot more than a finger fits in these lovely “pleasure holes”…

YL have a lot of realistic sex dolls for sale, but this love doll is something else. Will you choose a classic 160 cm YL sex doll or you’ll go for the sexy doll with boobs you can literally bang? Let us know in the comment below!

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