Cheap full size love doll.

A lot of people want to find cheap sex dolls that aren’t only functional, but are not considered “mini love dolls”. A doll that is less than 140 cm tall is considered a small sex doll. So you want a life size sex doll, but you can’t spend much? We will show you adult size sex dolls that cost 1000$ or less with shipping included!

Aly sex doll company is producing realistic sex toys that aren’t bad for your wallet. They have a couple of solid love dolls you might be very interested in!

The 148 cm model:

A nice waist, medium sexy boobs…
And a really good looking ass! What more can you ask for?

The 158 cm model:

Imagine she’s your date!
She has a beautiful realistic body…
Looks amazing from every angle.

The 168 cm model:

This sexy, tall model is 30$ over 1000$, but on special occasions she can be sold for below 1000$! Just ask us if a promotion is available if you’re interested.
Did you ever think that a tall, realistic model like this could be so affordable?

Jy doll is another company that can offer you a lot of real looking sex dolls below 1000$ shipped!

The 140 cm model:

This perfect sex doll is really the most amazing affordable doll ever!
Can you imagine she doesn’t cost even 900$ shipped?!
Beautiful from the front and beautiful from the back…

The 148 cm model:

This longlegged goddess normally costs 1099$, but on some occasions she can be cheaper. Ask us if there is a promo running!
Sexy back!

Another amazing company that allows men all around the world to purchase affordable real like sex dolls is AF.

The 140 cm model:

Very hot body and just imagine that all of this goodness is below 900$!
Her body is so much fun!
Her lovely behind.

The 148 cm model:

The perfect sex doll!
Just imagine all the fun you two could have together…
Her cherry ready to be popped…
A great doll for a little bit of money. A great opportunity!

The 150 cm model:

A really sexy doll that normally is over 1000$ shipped, but ask us if we don’t run a promo. It’s worth to ask because maybe you could get this doll for an amazing price and just look that goodness.
More of her ass because it’s so da*n perfect!
Chubby and sexy.
Waiting for good spanking.

The 158 cm model:

Look at these legs! This amazing doll is very often in promotion! Ask us if she costs 1000 or below right now…
She has amazing legs, but also great tits!
A cute pussy waiting for you.

Sy doll also has something to offer from time to time…

The 145 cm model:

A model that usually is 50$ over 1000$, but is very often in promotion. Ask us for details if you are interested in her.
A sexy young body…
Can you resist?

Please remember that these real life sex dolls we have showed here are not copies! All are original. Please remember to not be tempted by cheaper dolls on amazon or aliexpress or you’ll end up with a copy rip off that will damage very easily. The models you see above are high quality dolls that will be with you for a very long time.

Also do remember that if you want to buy one of these models you can choose a different head. Each model can be bought with a different head. If you like an asian doll, but there is a caucasian chick on the photo – no problem! You can get a different head for the body as well as skin tone.

For questions contact us: [email protected]

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