How real looking sex dolls helped a young man to become more confident. An interview.

Mateusz (name changed for privacy reasons) is a 29 year old man from Poland. He agreed to answer our questions to share his personal experience with all of you. He was always very anxious around females and absolutely didn’t know how to approach them. He was thinking that a sex doll might be the only option for him, but surprisingly his doll wasn’t only a sex toy… It literally changed his life!

BD: Mateusz, when did you realize that you want to buy a sex doll?

M: It was around 2 years ago. I was already 27 and still a virgin. saw an article about these amazing real like sex dolls and I was blown away. My hands were literally sweating when I’ve discovered that having something so sexy and beautiful in my life will be possible. It was a very dark period in my life. I remember that I was always super awkward with the girls. When I was 18 I was scared that because I am not experienced in sex I will disappoint a potential sexual partner… Later I was 20, 22, 24 and so on and each year I was more and more terrified when I’ve imagined that a girl would have sex with me and notice that I have no idea what I’m doing! Imagine when I saw a sexy doll that could be mine… I just couldn’t resist. It was my only chance at that time. The only chance to have sex and see how it’s like.

BD: Which model did you choose?

M: I have chosen YL160. I always loved thick girls and she seemed like the perfect choice. When she arrived I’ve noticed that she is really heavy, but it was the only minus. She was soft, realistic and in my opinion she is the perfect sex doll! She’s so much better in reality than she is on photos. I never had a naked woman in front of me and when she arrived not only I felt like I have one beside me, but also a really hot one!


BD: Sorry for a blunt question, but how was the sex like?

M: Amazing! Once I’ve figured out how the skeleton works I could start to have fun with her and I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing feeling. A hand can be nice, but that was so much more! I know that these dolls are expensive, but this is a magnificent experience and in my opinion absolutely worth the price. At first I had sex with her a couple times a day. I was going crazy for that sexy, very realistic sex doll. Later it was once a day and sometimes I used it only 2-3 times a week. I was way calmer than before and I’ve noticed that I don’t come as fast as I’ve used to. This was the most important part!

BD: Important in what way?

M: Because I realized that maybe I will be good enough for a real woman now. I won’t come very fast and the girl will be more satisfied than she would be with the previous version of me. I literally stopped feeling like a virgin. I gathered all my courage and asked a girl out. We had sex on our second date and she looked really satisfied. I was freaking out a little bit, but I didn’t come very fast. Of course I never told her that I was a virgin before… I consider my doll the first girl I had sex with. It’s my sweet secret. I am not dating that girl anymore, but we spent really nice 5 months together. Now I am dating another girl and sex gets better and better and she is asking me for it quite a lot so I guess that I am not that bad.

BD: And you think that your doll helped you to become good in bed?

M: Definitely! If I wouldn’t practice on my doll… Or rather with my love doll… Then I would be too scared to ask a girl out!

BD: Do you still have your love doll now that you are dating?

M: Definitely. I won’t just sell her or throw her away. I have grown fond of her. Maybe if I will get married or engaged I will sell her, but by now I don’t see a reason to.

BD: Would you recommend other guys to buy a sex doll?

M: Definitely! Just make sure that you avoid buying from aliexpress or alibaba. Buy from TDF approved vendors and be sure to get these good sex dolls and not copies!

BD: Thank you for answering our questions.

M: You are welcome! I hope it will help somebody that is currently in a similar situation as I was in just 2 years ago.

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