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Sexy midget is a new doll made by YL!

YL doll has done it again! They’ve created a sex doll that looks different than all the others dolls on the market. After the success of their 148 cm fantasy doll it came time for a midget! Eric from YL dolls said: Adult sex dolls are so much fun. People love them and we are
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A disabled sex doll lover.

Some time ago we had the pleasure to sell a beautiful sex doll to a client in Italy. It was a loving sister of a disabled boy called Simone. She bought the doll especially for him. Sounds weird? It shouldn’t! Why? Just read and judge for yourself after you read the whole thing… Elisa is
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An interview with our client.

Tarek lived in Bahrain his entire life until he moved out an European country. We can’t ship dolls to muslim countries and he always dreamt of a sex doll so once he found himself in a non muslim country he bought a doll from us and today he wants to tell his story to all
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