YL fantasy dolls. Perfect for Halloween?

It’s a topic that is perfect to mention so close to Halloween. There are people who are fascinated with vampires, elf’s, “she-devils” and YLdoll’s CEO Eric has brought these products to the market.
We made an interview with Eric and asked him about these sexy, but dangerously looking dolls and about people who are searching for these kind of dolls.

BD: Eric, which was the first fantasy doll that your company has created?

Eric: It was the Elf. Her name was Shael. I remember that she was very popular and at that time there waren’t many elf heads on the market so we thought that one should be realeased. I don’t remember if there even was any other elf tpe head out there at that time, but I think Shael was the first. Once Shael was a success we realized that people do really enjoy fantasy dolls and we planned to make more.

BD: So everyone loved these elf ears?

Eric: Many did, but there were few people who asked if Shael could come with normal ears… Many loved it and some didn’t like it at all. Later we had another elf head called Bella and in my opinion she is our most beautiful face.

BD: Which was your next fantasy doll?

Eric: A friend of ours designed a beautiful half elf/half vampire doll and as far as I know it was the first doll like that on the market. This time it wasn’t only a head! We releaved also a body compatible to the head. The body is unrealistic yet very sexy… And as before some love it very much and others prefer something more realistic. This doll is a big success until today, especially close to this period of the year which is “Halloween season”.

BD: Were you surpised when your friend showed you this design? Waren’t you scared that a half elf/half vampire with a fantasy body would rather scare than excite most doll lovers?

Eric: I was actually pretty sure that it would sell very well and it did and still does sell. Many guys love fantasy characters and she was sexy even in my modest opinion.

BD: So the half elf, half vampire head was a success and so you came up with another one?

Eric: Yes, exactly. Delilah was the next head like that.  I think creating her is a proof that the first one was very popular.  It’s a very sensual face.

BD:  And I’ve heard about a she devil sex doll?

Eric: We simply offer a red skinned sex dolls now. Anyone can have their own sexy devil at home.

BD: That’s a great selection of fantasy dolls!

Eric: Thank you. I think I should also mention our “anime body” with these amazing pointing nipples. I know she is not a vampire or an elf, but she is surely out of this world.

This Halloween YLDOLL are able to offer you a nice range of fantasy dolls.  We think it’s very impressive. Let us know what you think about these dolls in the comments below!

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