A small sex doll. Top 5 most amazing love dolls that are just 100 cm tall.

Do you want to own a sexy, curvy love doll, but they are all too heavy? Take a look at these scaled down beautiful women! 1 Elsababe doll. Elsababe are still new on the market and probably most of you didn’t even see their dolls before, but for us she is the best looking of
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What to do when you can’t afford a Japanese sex doll.

A Japanese love doll is considered a luxury. Who doesn’t dream about purchasing a super realistic sex doll from the land of the rising sun? A dream about buying of these hot sexy dolls seems unrealistic once we ask the seller about the price. Most of us can only dream about spending 5000 up to
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Cheap full size love doll.

A lot of people want to find cheap sex dolls that aren’t only functional, but are not considered “mini love dolls”. A doll that is less than 140 cm tall is considered a small sex doll. So you want a life size sex doll, but you can’t spend much? We will show you adult size
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Exciting news from YL doll!

YL doll is one of these companies that never stops to surprise us with very original heads and bodies. First of all we want to introduce Regina- the new sexy head. Imagine having a realistic sexy doll with a hot face like that. She looks so misterious and beautifully. Eyes that will pierce through your
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Can a sex doll change your life?

It’s probably a question a lot of men ask themselves before they buy a doll. “Will the love doll change my life?”, “Will I be less lonely if I order a real sex doll?”. We will try to answer this question in this blog. You are looking at an on-line shop full of amazing lifelike
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Visit at 21st National (GuanZhou) Sexual Culture & Adult Health Supplies Expo + a couple of “new faces” in the doll industry!

We are very exicited to announce that we have visited this year and we were very pleased to see so many high quality sex dolls in one place! At first we want to mention companies that we didn’t know before the expo. Elsababe dolls are made of silicone. These will be the best love dolls
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A visit at Sino Doll factory.

A lot of you are probably very intrigued by these lifelike sex dolls. We decided to visit their factory and they were kind enough to host us there. Sino so have their own production plant in Shunde, Guangdong, China. They have over 9 years of experience in creating real looking sex dolls. Most of their
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YL fantasy dolls. Perfect for Halloween?

It’s a topic that is perfect to mention so close to Halloween. There are people who are fascinated with vampires, elf’s, “she-devils” and YLdoll’s CEO Eric has brought these products to the market. We made an interview with Eric and asked him about these sexy, but dangerously looking dolls and about people who are searching
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A disabled sex doll lover.

Some time ago we had the pleasure to sell a beautiful sex doll to a client in Italy. It was a loving sister of a disabled boy called Simone. She bought the doll especially for him. Sounds weird? It shouldn’t! Why? Just read and judge for yourself after you read the whole thing… Elisa is
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Can a doll replace your deceased spouse?

Of course nobody can really replace the person you loved and lost, but can something or someone make you feel better while you’re grieving? Many people believe that sex dolls are the anwser! A couple of our clients asked us to create a replica of their deaceased wife. We honestly said that we can’t create
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