Can a doll replace your deceased spouse?

Of course nobody can really replace the person you loved and lost, but can something or someone make you feel better while you’re grieving? Many people believe that sex dolls are the anwser! A couple of our clients asked us to create a replica of their deaceased wife. We honestly said that we can’t create
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You love sex dolls? You’re definitely not alone!

Right now around 40% of people around the the world believe that one day sex dolls could replace a real man or woman in a relationship. For many people it’s already a reality even now. Each year more and more sex dolls are being sold and the numbers will probably rise. Factories complain that they
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The doll with perfect love holes!

This summer YL doll came up with a new doll – it’s YL151. This gal’s love holes are simply amazing! A lot of people complained that most tpe dolls don’t have the perfect love holes, but this doll is something else… The location of the anus is just right and her lovely vagina looks very
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YL’s New Stunning head – Maya.

Maya is half asian half black beautiful head. YL has really impressed many people with this new addition. Her lucious lips are very kissable and her eyes are so sexy… Whoever wants to own an exotic beauty… Now it’s the time to get Maya. What do you think about Maya? How do you like this
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An interview with our client.

Tarek lived in Bahrain his entire life until he moved out an European country. We can’t ship dolls to muslim countries and he always dreamt of a sex doll so once he found himself in a non muslim country he bought a doll from us and today he wants to tell his story to all
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5 Tips For Disabled Men To Improve Their Sex Life

Did you know that approximately 10% of the world’s population represents persons with disability? Well, while disability numbers are significantly high in developing countries, and disability rates higher in females as compared to males, being disabled simply qualifies you in the world’s largest marginal group. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), disability rates are expected
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Should I buy my husband a sex doll? A post for the ladies

The sex doll industry is an example of an industry that has undergone a complete overhaul. The overhaul has witnessed a lot of developments and advancements in the nature of these pleasure dolls. Not only was the use of the dolls associated with some level of stigma, but the dolls were simply inflatable rubber imitations
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Alternative Uses For Sex Dolls

  Do people really spend money on sex dolls, then use them for other purposes? At first, that might be as unbelievable as the old claim that people bought Playboy magazines ‘for the articles’. Truth be told, this actually happens. Most of the dolls we sell are for sexual purposes, but some of our customers
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Cool Facts About Sex Dolls

Let’s face it, you’re here because you love sex dolls. So do we! A great sex doll can provide companionship, sexual release, and allow you to explore your fantasies. They are portable, and they are convenient. Sex dolls are also really, really cool. Over the years, they’ve influenced and been influenced by culture, art, and
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Black Sex Dolls

Our goal is to satisfy the tastes of all our discerning customers. You know what you want in a sex doll. We work hard to provide that for you. One thing that many men (and women!) seem to agree on is that black sex dolls are highly desirable. We’re certainly happy to accomodate that preference.
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