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New vampire head from YL

YL did it again! They love to do fantasy sex dolls for men and women! This time it’s a new head named Esme. She’s a vampire with sexy fangs. Anyone that wants a special sex toy doll has a bigger choice now. On photos below we show her on one of the best sex dolls
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New body and heads from YLDOLL!

YL made a new 153 cm body and 2 new heads for all of you to enjoy. The new sex doll is a voluptuous model with big boobs and ass. From all the sex dolls for sale that are currently on the market she is one of the best! Just look at the photos below
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Sexy midget is a new doll made by YL!

YL doll has done it again! They’ve created a sex doll that looks different than all the others dolls on the market. After the success of their 148 cm fantasy doll it came time for a midget! Eric from YL dolls said: Adult sex dolls are so much fun. People love them and we are
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Visit at 21st National (GuanZhou) Sexual Culture & Adult Health Supplies Expo + a couple of “new faces” in the doll industry!

We are very exicited to announce that we have visited this year and we were very pleased to see so many high quality sex dolls in one place! At first we want to mention companies that we didn’t know before the expo. Elsababe dolls are made of silicone. These will be the best love dolls
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A disabled sex doll lover.

Some time ago we had the pleasure to sell a beautiful sex doll to a client in Italy. It was a loving sister of a disabled boy called Simone. She bought the doll especially for him. Sounds weird? It shouldn’t! Why? Just read and judge for yourself after you read the whole thing… Elisa is
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You love sex dolls? You’re definitely not alone!

Right now around 40% of people around the the world believe that one day sex dolls could replace a real man or woman in a relationship. For many people it’s already a reality even now. Each year more and more sex dolls are being sold and the numbers will probably rise. Factories complain that they
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YL’s New Stunning head – Maya.

Maya is half asian half black beautiful head. YL has really impressed many people with this new addition. Her lucious lips are very kissable and her eyes are so sexy… Whoever wants to own an exotic beauty… Now it’s the time to get Maya. What do you think about Maya? How do you like this
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